ASU Concrete Canoe

I worked with my Concrete Canoe Team to compete with universities around the U.S. to design, construct, and race a canoe made of fortified concrete. Scores were based on our design paper, presentation, and placement in the race.

As the ASCE Mix Design Concrete Canoe Captain at ASU, I was responsible for developing a mix that would ensure our canoe didn't crack during competition and leave us sinking to the bottom of the lake. I have mixed more concrete than anyone I have ever met... so far. During my time as mix design captain I learned that God is truly in the details. There was a lot of troubleshooting and going back to the drawing board, or rather the concrete mixer.

I was able to develop a strong, lightweight concrete to place on the mold. This meant altering the proportions of cement/pozzolans, aggregates, chemical admixtures, and fibers numerous times. The testing included gradation and absorption of aggregates, compressive and flexural strength of concrete.

Weather Balloon

During my time at Spokane Falls Community College I served as the president of the Engineering Club. I got to work on some fun projects with great people. One of my favorites was sending up a weather balloon. We built a spherical payload which held a GPS tracker, a temperature recorder, and go-pro cameras to capture the earth's curvature. Built to withstand a rough landing, we were able to successfully track and recover it. Good times!

Pinball Machine

Another fun project was building a pinball machine. A completely different set of problems to tackle and overcome.