Alex was a key member of our Engineering Club while attending Spokane Falls Community College (2016 – 2018), holding several elected leadership positions including club president. Alex’s initiative and leadership proved to be vital to the completion of several of our Club projects including the successful launch and recovery of a space balloon. While at Arizona State University, Alex has continued her involvement in engineering projects becoming an active member of the ASU Concrete Canoe team.

Alex has had a strong interest in engineering since I first met her and that interest has only intensified while pursuing her undergraduate studies both here and at Arizona State University. She works hard to do well in her course work while at the same time avail herself of the opportunities to become involved with outside projects to further her education.

In the classroom I was able to observe her work habits and her interactions with other students and was impressed. She was an excellent student, always in class, attentive and asking questions on points of clarification, and consistently turned in neat and well thought out homework assignments on time.

I was most impressed with her work ethic and commitment and I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Alex and have every confidence that she will be successful in her future endeavors.
Mark A. Gorski, Ph.D
[email protected]
(509) 533-3250
Engineering Instructor
Spokane Falls Community College

I met Alexandra when she was a student in my Precalculus class. She immediately made a positive impression. She is an extremely hard-working student, always engaged and asking thoughtful questions. The types of questions a student asks tells me a lot about that student. Alexandra asks questions to learn why, not just how. She strives for deep understanding of the material. Her work is accurate, neat, and thorough.

Alexandra is also a solid group member. She is a strong problem solver and good listener. She has the knowledge base and creativity to contribute mathematically and the personality to be a productive team member. In addition to being an excellent student, she is a great person. She always has a smile and is kind and respectful to everyone around her. Alexandra is an absolute pleasure to have in class.

I noticed that Alexandra was extremely helpful to other students who were struggling. I teach a geometry class specifically for Gateway to College (GtC) students. GtC students are young people age 16 to 21 who left high school because they were not going to graduate. This program offers them the opportunity to earn a high school diploma on our campus and begin working on their A.A. degree. Math is a struggle and hurdle for many of these students.

When the opportunity came up to have a work study tutor assigned to this class I thought of Alexandra because of her mathematical ability and comforting energy. She did a remarkable job helping these students succeed.

Alexandra would be an excellent addition to any organization. She is a well-rounded, pleasant, competent person who will improve the environment at any place she focuses her energy. She comes with my highest recommendation.
Christopher Cary
[email protected]
(509) 533-3265
Mathematics Instructor
Spokane Falls Community College

Alexandra Kabbourg was my student and tutor at Spokane Falls Community College. Alex did such a tremendous job in class that I eventually recommended her to be one of the Spanish tutors at our college in the tutoring center. When it came to the classroom, Alex is one of those students who is at the pinnacle.

Her respect for her peers and me, collaborative spirit with classmates, completion of work to the highest caliber, and her high level of intellectual curiosity are just a few traits that come to mind when thinking back on this phenomenal student.

I highly recommend Alex for any position she applies to, knowing that her skill sets including discipline, maturity, organization and collaborative spirit are all qualities that make one an ideal candidate for any type of position. I am happy to answer any further questions or provide additional information.
Gabriel Valenzuela
[email protected]
(509) 533-3472
Spanish Instructor
Spokane Falls Community College